Launched in summer 2016, the #GladToBeSomethingNew campaign embraces all things dear to Glad Rags.  With a focus on the importance of thrift, re and up-cycling, we pride ourselves on embracing creativity to produce individualised and forward thinking fashion, that’s intertwined with a distinct social conscious and aims by:

Encouraging local people to get involved in community projects

Providing a high standard of volunteering opportunities and training

Diverting usable materials from landfill

Creating a local community hub, where people feel comfortable to get involved and share collective skills and knowledge

Supporting the work of the Glad Foundation and Glad Cafe

#GladToBeSomethingNew encompasses all of the above criteria, across a diverse array of workshops, projects and events.

Some of the exciting events under the #GladToBeSomethingNew banner comprise of the following themes…


A selection of evening craft classes and up-cycling workshops in collaboration with local and like-minded crafters, including Feather Fable, Craftivists, Say It Ain’t Sew and Rags to Riches.


Live up-cycling challenges held in store, with new garments created from the Glad Rags hamper.


Personal styling nights hosted in store.  Pop in, have fun… and be styled in Glad Rags attire.


Glad Cafe pop up art exhibition portraying Glad volunteer stories – spanning the month of August.  Created by our volunteers.  About our volunteers.


Fashion show embracing the diversity and creativity amongst our volunteers and people equally.  Glad Cafe, 27th August.

A full and comprehensive calendar of events will be available soon.  In the meantime, if you want to get involved, or want to find out more – pop in for a chat with Ashley, our project manager.